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At last I've found my creative confidence!

The following article by Jim Connolly resonated with me. For many years I, like many others, have held myself back creatively for fear of critisism. Finally I'm no longer holding myself back although I wish I'd had advice like this years ago...

Apr 6, 2014 Posted by Jim Connolly

"It’s 1969: Jim Morrison talks about rap and electro music!

Never let the fear of criticism hold you back from creating your art.

Today, I want to share an example with you, which makes this point beautifully.


In 1969, the year The Beatles split, Jim Morrison was asked about the future of music. Here’s an amazing, direct quote from his answer: “[...] it might rely heavily on electronics, tapes, I can kind of envision maybe one person with a lot of machines, tapes, and electronics set up, singing or speaking and using machines.”


At the time, Morrison’s prediction of what we now call electro music and rap, whilst his counterparts were playing Woodstock with flowers in their hair, was laughed at. The idea of using machines, rather than musical instruments, was too much for the masses to handle. It seemed like the foolish ramblings of a man with a well known drug problem. Of course, it wasn’t. Years after his death, Morrison’s prediction happened. He was duly elevated to the status of musical visionary.


The price for thinking differently, is that you set yourself apart from the masses. By proactively embracing your creativity, you will see the world differently. Your art may be hard for others to understand or ahead of its time. When that happens, the masses are likely to laugh at you or criticise you.

As Einstein said: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

A great way to deal with this, is to use fear as your compass. Every great artist has encountered ridicule. If your work is not being attacked in some way, you’re probably playing it safe… not making a difference. It’s a sign you need to embrace the edges.

To quote another visionary: “Stay young. Stay foolish.” — Steve Jobs."

Apr 6, 2014 Posted by Jim Connolly

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