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Nautical Theme

The theme for the June MATS Bootcamp class was Nautical. I thoroughly enjoyed this theme and made hundreds of sketches... so many, in fact, that I have enough material to create a body of work so please do watch this space!

We can only upload one image to the monthly gallery and I was torn between two images. The whale pot plant on the shelf is my favourite but in the end I went with the group's favourite, the "Yellow Fish, Pink Bottle".

The "Whale Pot Plant" piece is based on a photo I took whilst out and about gathering inspiration for the theme. The techniques used are a combination of brush and ink, acrylic and digital media.

My eight year old son loves to join me during the mini and he sketched some amazingly simple but beautiful drawings. I love how young children aren't tied to the "sky is blue and the grass is green" concept that so many adults and older children seem to be. He didn't seem too concerned either that the only materials available to him were coloured markers. He had an idea in his head, randomly selected his colour and drew with confidence! He even annotated his drawing with his name and "drawn in the car on the way to school in 15 minutes." How cool is that! I wish I could be so free! Which is what I tried to do with the "Yellow Fish, Pink Bottle" piece... I decided not to fuss and worry so much over the choices I was making and instead tried to think and draw like an eight year old... and it was so much fun!!!

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