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July MATS Bootcamp Creative Experiment

This month I'm finding it harder to produce loads of sketches for the mini assignment which is 'your favourite beverage'. Although I'm not short of ideas I do wonder if I'm not as inspired and fired up as I was for last month's 'nautical' theme.

Could this be the reson why?

This month Lilla has imposed a moratorium on us sharing our 'work in progress' with the group. I do think that this is a good idea as it prevents comparitis and too much cross over, making us dig deeper so that our true creativity can (hopefully) emerge and shine through.

We are, however, encouraged to share photos of our beverages and a lot of participants are going to the effort of styling their shots beautifully which has encouraged me to think outside the (tea)box!

I can't wait until the gallery goes live at the end of the month to see all the creative interprtations on the theme!

All images copyright © Lucinda Kidney


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