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Feeling tired but inspired!

Having gone through a year's worth of recent photos I'm beginning to feel more excited, enthusiastic and inspired about the MATS Bootcamp July 'beverages' assignment.

I have always loved taking photos (as the quote goes 'I wish my eyes could take photos!') and it's always been my intention to create artwork based on my photography. Now that the boys are older I am ready to draw on my bank of photos taken during the last ten years.

Since Bootcamp began in February I have been struggling to find my creative style. Seeing all the fabulous artwork on the Facebook feed and in the Galleries has made me think 'that's what I would like to achieve, I wish my artwork looked as professional as the others' work'! I worry that my work will look too similar to everyone elses work and therefore will not be original which has prevented me from getting the paints out.

Yesterday Lilla suggested that we review all the work we've created since February and to go with the style of the one that 'sings' to us the most. For me it is the wall art piece (below) I love most but didn't submit to the June gallery as my other piece got the popular vote.

Something has finally clicked and, like a spring bulb lying dormant in winter, I feel I'm starting to bloom!!

So thank you Lilla for imposing a moratorium on sharing our artwork this month :-)


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