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Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014

The Royal Academy's popular Summer Exhibition has been an annual event since 1769. The exhibition includes paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, photography and architectural models.

I've always wanted to go to the RA Summer Exhibition. My family and I finally got to go last Sunday. Our two sons (11 &8) certainly took this year's theme 'Discover the new. Discover the now' literally and were fascinated with all that the exhibition had to offer.

Ethan (8) used the free Art Detectives guide for young visitors and insisted on completing every section!

Aidan (11) wrote down the numbers of our favourite artworks and Aidan's comment "Mum, we have a very different taste in Art" provoked a thoughtful conversation. We discussed the different techniques and mediums artists use and the boys noticed that the support does not have to be the usual square or rectangular format.

Our personal favourite artworks from the exhibition are:

Lucinda: Dr Barbara Rae Refuge

Aidan: Michael Craig-Martin Spotlight NT at 50

Ethan: Gavin Turk Totem


Once home I decided to curate images of our personal favourites. Despite our different tastes in art I was surprised and delighted to discover that there is a relationship between our three, very different, chosen artworks...

- Refuge shares a colour palette with Spotlight and Totem.

- Refuge shares a sense of movement with Totem.

- Spotlight and Totem share the same format.

- The main element of Spotlight and Totem share the same focal point.

- The dark vertical line in Refuge echoes the black handle on Spotlight's spotlight!

- The focal point of all three artworks are in the top third of the composition.

The boys realised that they are already producing artwork that would not look out of place alongside the summer exhibitors' work and they are immensly proud of their very own art gallery wall at home!


We all left feeling uplifted, inspired and buzzing with new ideas for our own projects. We are all looking forward to next year's exhibition and who knows, our work could indeed be included one day!


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