• Lucinda Kidney

Flying for Fifty!


Hi everyone! I'm back in the land of blog after a number of weeks off. Today is the start of my first full week back now that the boys are back at school.

I, and many others I've spoken with, feel very positive about 2015.

2015 is the Chinese Year of the goat/sheep/ram... I'm ready to take the Ram by the horns so to speak! I have set myself quite a lot of mini goals and have mapped out a five year plan which I've nick named 'Flying for Fifty!'

Yes, I will be FIFTY in 2020!!! Where has time gone? When I look back over the last 44 years I realise how much I've accomplished and how abundunatly I have lived life... I feel so blessed!

I'm now ready for the next chapter, so watch this space ;-)

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