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Edwardian Brooches for MATS Bootcamp

Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells (MATS) 2015 Bootcamp started on Monday 5th January.

Bootcamp runs for 6 months and is slower paced than MATS A & B. We are given 3 weeks to work on an assignment before uploading it to Lilla's Bootcamp Gallery.

The first week of the assignment is called the 'mini'. This is when Lilla gives us a theme to research and draw. Our current theme is to draw Edwardian Brooches in any style we choose... the idea is to just have fun! And I have certainly had A LOT of fun with this theme! I have posted a couple of sketches below.


At the beginning of the second week Lilla reveals which market we are to apply our illustration to... in this case we are designing a journal cover for the gift market.

Whilst researching and drawing the Edwardian Brooches I was drawn to the ones that remind me of ornate picture frames full of gems of varying cuts and colours. I love sketching and the thought process of putting my ideas down on paper... one idea inevitably leads to another until I end up with my final idea.

In this case I was reminded of my childhood and my cousin's pet poodle called 'Bijoux" which means jewel in French. So I set about sketching a poodle portrait to fit within one of the brooch 'frames' I'd drawn earlier.

poodle sketch.jpg

I can't wait to finish and show you the final result in my next post. Meanwhile if you'd like to find out more about Bootcamp here's the link for more info on Lilla Rogers classes

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