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Grayson Perry "Who Are You?" Exhibition


On Friday I went to see the Grayson Perry 'Who Are You?' exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery. I'd watched the documentary series on Channel 4 last year in which Grayson spent time with his 14 subjects which include individuals, families and groups. Each 'portrait' is based on the identity of diverse individuals who are all trying to define who they are. The 'portraits' which consist of tapestries, sculpture and pots are inserted into the Gallery’s nineteenth and twentieth century rooms bringing life and a contemporary twist to the traditional portraits.

Mary Moore (Henry Moore's daughter) recently said "Art has gone back into a frame, it has gone back to being a contextual, narrative thing." Like Henry Moore, Grayson Perry has freed art from the frame and that is what I found so fascinating, radical and liberating about Grayson's exhibition. It was so refreshing and wonderful to see non-traditional portraits juxtaposed with traditional 'in the frame' portraits. I think this concept would be especially helpful to the younger generation so they can realise that creating a self portrait or portrait does not necessarily have to begin, or even end up, as a flat piece of art imprisoned in a frame.

Well worth a visit!! Here are the links...

Read Marc Brown's recent interview with Mary Moore here...

And finally, here's a link to Simon Usborne's blog where he's collated Grayon Perry's (Twitter feed) pot making process in chronological order...



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