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All Aboard!

I've just completed week 1 of MATS B and I'm so pleased with and proud of my final outcome. (Please see photo below) I've been on the MATS journey for a little over a year now and I can see how much my work and skills have improved since February 2014. I have had the most fun with this latest assignment and I've been told it shows! *happy dance*


Our brief was to draw trains for a winter themed holiday card. The challenge was fitting the design into a portrait card format. I had several ideas and decided that this time, instead of focusing on my preferred concept, I would concentrate on drawing all the icons and build the design in Illustrator later.

My process involved sketching, collage, drawing on collage and finally recreating the individual icons in Illustrator. I began by creating a few digital mood boards (one of which can be seen in the photo below) where I pasted images of work I like (eg Paul Rand), sketches from my sketchbooks, Duplo trains at my son's school etc. Some of my initial sketches can also be seen in the photo below... I didn't end up using my initial idea of simple, flat, colourful shapes ... perhaps I'll go that route for this week's assignment, so do watch this space!


You can find more info on Lilla Rogers e-course Make Art That Sells here

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