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Sweet Suzy Seahorse


I've just completed week two of Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells e-course. I had so much fun sketching a variety of seahorses and seaweed which I later used as designs on baby/children's apparel... and I named my seahorse Suzy!

I really loved the 'S' shape of the seahorse body and noticed, whilst sketching, that the seaweed is also made up of 'S' shapes. This led me to thinking about all the sea things beginning with the letter 'S'. I have a ream of sketches which I am working on for future prints so please do watch this space!

So, now you're most likely wondering what my process for this project was? Well, I spent a few hours researching seahorses, seaweed and related things. I then created a moodboard of things I like eg colours, styles of artist's I admire etc. Once I had a plan in my head I scanned my sketches and placed them in Adobe Illustrator where I redrew them using my Wacom Intuos pen tablet.

After I'd drawn and coloured all my icons I started to play around with layouts and composition until I was happy with the arrangement of my icons.

Below is a screen shot showing my sketches and moodbard in Illustrator.

Hope you enjoyed reading about how Suzy Seahorse was born!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.03.57.png

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