• Lucinda Kidney

30 Days of Collage

Hello I'm back from a short break spending time with my family over the Easter school holidays.

Alongside Bootcamp I'm also doing Stephanie Levy's e-course, 30 Days of Collage which, I hope, will both help to inform and create future work.

I've had such fun creating the following two pieces based on warm and cool colour palettes.

I don't really have a specific process for creating collage other than a habit of collecting collage materials and sketchbooks full of my mad ideas!

I love creating collage because I'm not concerned about the outcome and my mind is free to wander off on its own tangent ultimately ending in a finished piece such as this one which I've titled Chronic Lack of Water. This piece started out with my 9 year old son's drawing of a bee, honeycomb and scary looking flower. The umbrella is an experiment with the tape transfer method described in Stephanie's course and the text is from a magazine article.


Chronic Lack Of Water © Lucinda Kidney 2015

My second piece entitled Two Times Nine utilises a cool colour palette and is based around the little hands icon which teaches a method for learning the 9 Times Tables. I love how the tissue paper alters the collaged papers beneath it.


Two Times Nine © Lucinda Kidney 2015


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