• Lucinda Kidney

Crustaceans and Patterns Mash-up


This month I have been busy drawing crustaceans, specifically crabs, hermit crabs, prawns and lobsters. The images below are a few of my sketches... I decided to use dip pen and ink because I haven't used this medium in years! At first I was hesitant particularly as crustaceans are, well, creepy creatures! However, once I started really looking at the details and just drawing for drawings sake these creepy creatures started looking more friendly. I noticed faces and personalities emerging!


Next I started creating some patterns. I drew a selection of related sea creatures, seaweed and shells using a Japanese brush pen. After scanning this image I then redrew all the elements/icons in Adobe Illustrator. I was able to create extra patterns by taking one icon and repeating it several times. The possibilities are endless! Once I had all my elements/icons I began assembling them in a circle shape which I then opened in Photoshop and applied them to some plates. SUCH FUN :-)


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