• Lucinda Kidney

How to be a Digital Nomad

For the last few weeks I've been busy working on an editorial illustration for an article on Digital Nomads. You can read the article here

I had fun imagining all the places a digital nomad would work in, the world is literally your oyster these days! So many different ideas came to mind such as camels, iconic landmarks, globe trotting, maps etc and I even started on a couple of them which I abandoned in favour of my final illustration.

I wanted to go back to my roots (I was born in Kenya and lived there and in South Africa for 24 years) and I was inspired by a hand crafted cuddly toy rhino I bought recently. I thought back to my primary school days when I would gaze out of the school bus window at the African wildlife on my way to school. I also wanted to incorporate African craft and chose to use traditional paint (gouache) for my illustration. I created the elements seperately, scanned them in and assembled the final piece digitally in Adobe Photoshop. I do hope you like it :-)


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