• Lucinda Kidney

Make Art not War!

Today I became reaquainted with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. I first came across her magical work in October 2012 whilst wandering around London with my family. I was immediately fascinated by Kusama's striking window display, in Louis Vuitton, consisting of red and white polka-dot-tentacle-like structures and giant fantasy eyes... it all felt so completely bonkers, an escape from reality! I had not realised, until today, that she uses her art to fight for love and peace. In the video clip Kusama says "The world is facing many crisesright now... We're getting into the worst century in the history of my life." If you'd like to watch the clip you can find it here

And in this video Kusama advises young people (the world's future generations) to “Spread your ideas all over the world” and encourages artists to trust their own creativity, explore themselves and discover their own path in life: “A true direction will come from overcoming adversity.”

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