• Lucinda Kidney

Colour in The Golden Age!

The eagerly awaited MATS Bootcamp started again at the beginning of March. You can find out more here...

I always love Bootcamp because I get to draw, draw and draw some more!! The 1920's theme is a treasure trove of inspiration and I'm eager to riff of the assignment and produce more work. I had such fun creating this colouring book cover and it's made me think about creating the inside pages too.

I had produced so many drawings I couldn't decide which was my favourite. In the end I decided to go with my collage ladies. I recreated them in black ink, scanned them and assembled them digitally using Adobe Photoshop.

My final cover design.

My process. Collage then black ink work.

Below are the two other ideas I had. I really love the inked 1920's lady with her pink feather boa.

I also really love my original graphite sketch of this 1920's lady.

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