• Lucinda Kidney

Lumberjack Hipsters

I can't believe another month is almost over which means the April MATS Bootcamp assignment has been completed and uploaded to the gallery.

I have to admit that when I read that the mini assignment was to draw Lumberjacks I didn't feel very enthusiastic! It took me a few days to get into the flow and once I started researching the theme I discovered that Hipsters are very much like Lumberjacks in appearance! Once I began drawing bearded blokes I realised my drawings were looking a bit like Santa!! By this stage I'd correctly guessed that our main assignment would most likely be Christmas related... and it was! Holiday ornaments to be exact! My research journey took me to 1950's kitsch and my imagination went into overdrive!

I had so many ideas it was hard to choose and focus on one. I eventually settled on the idea of an appliqué'd Christmas stocking; a log cabin stocking holder and various camping/woodland/winter related hanging ornaments for the tree. I chose to create my work in traditional media as I had editorial illustration in mind.

Below are some of my initial sketches.

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