• Lucinda Kidney

Modern Rustic Collection

The starting point for the Modern Rustic Collection was a floral collage I made in my Sketchbook during Summer 2015. I had made my own textured papers using simple printmaking methods which I cut up randomly and glued them into position without overthinking and without worrying about the outcome… I was on holiday in Spain after all ;)

I had no idea what I was going to do with this Matisse style collage until now! I scanned the collage and then manipulated it in Adobe Illustrator as I knew I wanted to work in Vector. Throughout the design process I was mindful of combining strong and functional elements such as denim and rustic textures with soft, feminine florals. I hope I have captured that essence through my use of layering, textures, delicate lines and colour.

I am pleased with the outcome and think the layering and colour scheme works well. For the floral pattern with the mesh background I wanted to try and make the flowers look like they had been embroidered onto a pre-printed denim fabric but I’m not sure if that comes across.

I am so inspired by this theme I would like to continue exploring it further.

#modernrustic #collection #surfacepatter #florals #patternmash

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