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I'm still on the bus!!!

If you've been following my work for the last five or so years then you'll know what I'm talking about! If you haven't, or have forgotten, then I'll refresh your memory... I once wrote a blog post about an article I'd read about the Helsinki Bus Theory. Basically, the theory is that in order to get somewhere you have to stay on the bus. The journey is never straight forward with many stops, starts and detours and essentially it means to be persistent and NEVER GIVE UP!

I wanted to mention this today because if I hadn't embarked on an MA in Art, Craft and Design in Education in 2014 I would never have started my WIX website! I actually got off that MA bus because it wasn't the right journey for me. My Illustration journey has zig zagged over the last few years but I haven't given up and I'm still on the illustration bus!

I recently submitted a Holiday card design to WIX for their Holiday Card email marketing campaign and I'm thrilled to say that mine was included :) After updating my WIX portfolio page to include the design I found it interesting to see how well the colours and my other illustrations go together... so maybe a sense of style is finally emerging!! It just shows these things take time but one has to consistently plug away!!

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